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Shaniya is independent Mumbai escorts girl, she is 5'6 tall and her weight is 58 kg, eye color is light brown, she doesn't smoke. on some special occasion, she likes to have a glass of red wine you know why? because red wine increases sexual arousal. And you will definitely want to have that a very much sexually aroused girl willing to get intimate with you.

Her body type is average, she is not too slim or too chubby just a normal beautiful Indian babe who likes to have fun. She is a smart Mumbai escort girl, who has a degree in hotel management. She was serving in a hotel as an assistant to the manager, this gave her an opportunity to meet some very powerful men who used to lure her into their room in exchange for some hefty cash.

Shaniya was smart she took this opportunity and made some good customers. She was getting her regular pay from the hotel for her position, and she was also making a right amount of money by sleeping with the hotel customers. She started getting popular, and hotel business also started increasing. Later she decided to start an escorts agency in Mumbai and began working as a professional independent Mumbai escort.

Her fair skin, big boobs and wide ass, slim waist and her attitude are her plus points that attract just anyone. While walking in any public place, she quickly attracts so many people, so many eyes who want to turn their head to get one more glimpse of her.

She is very friendly and doesn't mind giving or taking help from anyone. Whenever she finds a problem she loves taking advice from others, she also provides support to people who seek love, warmth and girlfriend experience online. But yes, of course, she doesn't do all this for free, she charges a fair amount for her exclusive lovemaking services.

Why our Mumbai escorts services are better than the other ones?

Independent escorts who work as per their own wish and not in any brothel are well known all around the world to provide an excellent experience to clients. For outstanding service, you are also charged a reasonable amount. Quality comes at a price. Price depends on time. As we all know time is money, the more you spend time with our Mumbai escorts, the more you will have to pay. But I am sure that you don't worry about money and let me assure you that you will get service worth every single paisa you are going to spend.

In this business, we have fierce competition. There are some cheap as well as high profile escorts who try to copy us and lie to clients about their services. Some agencies will send cheap street hookers to you and will demand ten times more money from what they earn on streets. Yes, there are some people like that, who disappoint clients when they meet. So, you need to trust a reputed agency always. Of course, not everyone will be able to afford our services, but that is okay because less the number of clients the better is management and everything.

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Significance of Mumbai Escorts Girls

Going to a new place and finding a sexy woman for companionship and entertainment is not easy. Of course, there are places like clubs and all where you are trying, but there is no guarantee that your date will lead to sex. Sometimes we don't have time, and we want quick sex or a woman for one night. If you are a super sexy guy who makes women turn heads, then you might have a chance. But for most normal people it is not easy. Most normal people take time to find someone for a sexual relationship.

So, if you need a friendly date which not only accompanies you to the new places in the city but also entertains you and takes care of you and makes love to you like a girlfriend, Mumbai escorts girls are really significant for these reasons.

Mumbai call girls services 24-hours

Mumbai never sleeps, it is a famous quote. It is the busy city, and many people sleep at night and many works at night. Generally, we don't get a call after 11 pm asking for the Mumbai call girls services. But still our lines are open, and even if you need escorts late night, you can call us anytime, if you book in advance that will be a much better way of ensuring that you get the service at any time, anywhere in Mumbai without any delay. We provide both incall and outcall service in Mumbai.

Look for your desired escorts at Mumbai escort agency

Every person has his own taste. And according to your taste, we provide you our escorts service. We make sure that you get the best experience and for that, we have managed many individual call girls of different shapes and sizes. From slim to chubby we have all kinds of girls. We like thinking about our clients and taking care of their likings. These are small things that make us better than other escorts agencies in Mumbai.

Mumbai escorts are full package of fulfillment of erotic dreams

Every man has some erotic dreams. If you watch porn videos than you must be having some favorite categories? Like some man like watching Chubby Videos, some like Interracial, Milf, Roleplaying, etc.

Whatever your dreams are, fantasies will be fulfilled by us. It is our job, and this is the reason why we are successfully running an this Mumbai escorts organization. Excellent service means good reputation. It is hard to earn respect in the market and lose it very quickly, so we never compromise and always try to enhance and improve.

Independent Call Girls in Mumbai

Boys to men all are looking for reputed, nice Independent call girls in Mumbai who can show them a good time. Rich men pay a lot of tips, and most of these girls live a dual life. You have to hide such secrets because society might not be able to accept it, that's why we understand the need for privacy. All types of contact made, from a phone call to a physical contact, should be kept secret from the world.

All type of Mumbai escorts services at

We have lots of women who work under our agency's name. Getting selected in our agency is not easy. It is not like that any woman who has a pussy can join us. There is a proper interview and only well qualified, and educated beautiful women are selected. We have affluent clients, so accordingly we also maintain our repo. If you are a woman willing to join our agency you can contact us and work as a part-time or full-time escort, but prepare yourself because you will be thoroughly interviewed.

Independent Mumbai escorts services 24x7 served by Shaniya

Life is a race today, and everyone is thinking about themselves. But still some people are open to feelings, share emotions and body for pleasure and satisfaction. Shaniya is a great dancer and sporty person. She is a perfect lover who will take care of all your things for whatever the duration you stay with her in a room.

She likes getting touched and making eye contact at the same time. There is no maximum limit for loving a person, but because this is a paid Mumbai escorts service, you get a limited number of rounds to put your penis inside her vagina. and the unlimited amount of foreplay in between these rounds.

One-time sex with Shaniya will not be enough for you. You will want to taste her again, lick her again and mind it, you could get addicted to her, this leaves you with two options either you can extend your date or make a booking for future.

Have you been searching for a genuine independent Mumbai escorts based in Mumbai?

So you have been looking for a genuine independent Mumbai escorts on google or some other search portal. Because you want to have some genuine fun. You don't want to fuck a cheap girl because you can easily find that in Mumbai streets. You don't want a street hooker I guess because then you should be looking here or be on this website. I am an a-class bitch for a-class clients. and if you are that we can go on a date.

There are several escorts agencies in Mumbai, a middleman handles most of those agencies. But this is Mumbai independent escorts Shaniya, and here you can directly talk to Shaniya and discuss all your plans and schedule a meeting directly. Because she is an independent babe and works independently so, you can deal with her directly.

It is required that you make an appointment in advance because she is quite busy in her life. Being an escort is her first love because this job has given her a lot. It gives an opportunity to live a nice life and a chance to interact with some interesting men's.
your search for looking independent escorts in Mumbai is over. Shaniya assures all kinds of activities inside the room.

Enjoy Mumbai escorts services with VIP model Shaniya.

Things will get high when Shaniya will grab your dick in mouth and will give you a sweet, gentle, wet blowjob. You can just relax on your bed and let this VIP model Shaniya does the work who is known for her Mumbai escorts services. unzip your pant and take it down, then she puts your underwear down to have a nice look at your dick, and she uses her hand to jerk it to make it a little warm and then as you feel some excitement she will start sucking it to take your excitement level to the sky.

VIP Mumbai escort Shaniya

She likes men who share their stories, confesses to her. Make her feel important, and Shaniya will do seductive things that will leave you amazed, you must know what a talented woman is? Shaniya loves sex as much as you do.
She has juicy lips, and she does amazing things with her lips in a very naughty way. In public, you can't have sex, but little teasing is fun. VIP Mumbai escorts are shy from showering her love for you. Shaniya an escort has opened her door and her pussy for you, now it depends on you whether you want to get in or not. You with a man doesn't have a choice in such circumstances he gets frustrated and can't do anything about it except taking any negative steps, but here Shaniya is an open book, who can solve all your problems. Now it depends on you whether you want to have her or not.

Do sex with independent escorts in Mumbai

Shaniya is an active escort in Mumbai, she takes an interest in what is going around. She is not like those independent escorts in Mumbai who lie down like a dead body and do nothing to satisfy a man. Our Indian men do so much to please a woman. They even promise to steal moon and stars from space for the sake of love but in the bedroom what do they get?

Are you sexually satisfied from your wife or girlfriend? do they also kiss you, suck your nipples and make love to you passionately?
Most men are unsatisfied today even when they are committed or married. Ask us we know the truth and so does Shaniya and she has full understanding for you, and she wishes to share love, body, and emotions in the most naked way possible.

Discreet Indian escorts in Mumbai

People have their liking and dislikings. Shaniya is professional Indian escorts in Mumbai and what she likes the most is make you horny and make you smile at the same time. She doesn't cheat in love. Because it is not loved, it is two individuals meeting to share their body and life experiences or may be problems in the most humanly way. All types of services provided by us are assured with full privacy in a very discreet manner.

Shaniya like men who respect her and woman in general. This is a fact that if you be kind to her outside the bedroom, she will be naughtier to you inside the bedroom. So, don't worry about anything, if you have feelings, a dick and money in your wallet book Shaniya 'the best Mumbai escort.'

Affordable Rates Of Escort Services

As I am one of the best, specialized and glamorous Mumbai independent escorts, I am mostly affordable for all. my companionship can be afforded by high-class and rich and gentlemen only. You will be asked some question so that your identity can be cleared.

Mumbai Escorts Gallery

We have listed some of the pictures of our Mumbai escorts girls in the gallery section, please have a look. These are only some of them, to protect their identity we can't openly reveal identities of all our call girls. Some girls who are too bold and not afraid to share their profession with the world for any reason are placed in our gellery section.

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We provide both in-call and out-call escorts service in Mumbai. If you are staying in a Hotel or if you have your own place, our escorts can travel and reach the destination. You can also date in Public place. Sex is not necessary, satisfaction is. Our escorts are also available for certain public and social events where you are required to entertain clients in a bit more intense ways to increase your business.

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Yes, you read that right. We can't reveal identities of these girls openly, but if you are serious, you can get pictures of available chicks or the type of figure and traits that you are looking for in a girl on Whatsapp and then we can discuss on pricing and your schedule. The schedule is also important because some girls who work part-time, are college girls or may be employed in some industry, so the dates must also not clash. We work as a medium between you and your favorite Mumbai escort.

You can also call us or email us, we are open 24-hours. We welcome your feedback and queries. Please connect with us via email if you want to give us feedback and what you expect next time from us. This way you will build a healthy relationship with the agency, and we will try our best to serve you next time, or if your taste changes, like you, spend some time with a slim girl, now next time you want a hot chubby Bhabhi, just let us know and we will arrange it for you. You can expect the same consistency and different women from us at the same time.

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